Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Since this is going to be the.longest.week.ever, a motivational post is in order.

This weekend Matt and I are going to Pigeon Forge with David and Lisa. It was a very last-minute trip, which I'm thankful for because I'm so darn excited I don't think I could wait longer than a week! I can't wait to relax and spend time with our wonderful friends!

And since I'm the 26-year old version of an old lady and wake up at 6am, I'm also looking forward to sitting outside on the deck in the am with a cup of coffee (my first in 21 weeks!) while "drinking in the views" as the website so cleverly puts it.

And speaking of the views... here they are!


Nine said...

That place looks amazing! I would even get up early to sit on that deck and see that view! Have a great and relaxing time.

Jennifer said...


Have a great time!

Bryna said...

Wow! Where's that? I'm booking a trip. :)

Enjoy it! (and the coffee)

Baby and Me said...

oh that looks so fun!

Fumbling Towards Adulthood said...

Oh Katie! It is GORGEOUS! I hope you guys have the best time ever. :) Please take lots of pictures and, most importantly, RELAX and have fun!

PS, I'll be tryin to call you again here soon -- I might actually have some free time this week! (I hope I'm not speaking too soon!)

Love you!

buckeyebabe99 said...

That looks soooooo relaxing! Have a great time :)