Monday, August 25, 2008


I'm boring today. In baby news, I popped over to help out in the nursery for a half hour this morning and rocked a screaming, crying 4 month old to sleep in my arms (And let me tell you that she was a hefty 4 month old! I definitely do not have mommy arms yet!) and tried, unsuccessfully, to calm a screaming 12 week old who was furious with the world.

Despite the shreaks coming from the two little sets of lungs, I didn't mind it all that much. I tried to imagine hearing baby cries in my own house and it kind of made me excited. (Yeah, yeah, I know I'll eat those words, but I'm also looking forward to changing the baby's diaper on the new changing table... what do you have to say about that?!)

And tonight is The Hills. (Suzanne, I totally heard Lauren say "I know, right?" on the premiere episode. It has made its way to the West Coast, haha.)


Baby and Me said...

Uh oh I say I know right all the time! I didnt realize it until i read that. I also am guilty of saying shut up when I get excited by the news people are telling me.

Suz said...

OK so i didn't realize how much I said that until i read it too!!!! Sorry if I am annoying!!! But I am totally LA!!!