Sunday, August 24, 2008


Last night Matt and I decided to dive into Target's Baby Registry since we rarely have time drive to Lancaster together and not be rushed. I was tired and he couldn't care less about Diaper Champs and rectal thermometers, but it ended up being pretty fun. He slid into his roll as scanner like most men, complete with twirling the scanner around and sticking it in his gun holster before the first item was ever scanned. He made sure to throw it some odd-ball items, like a bag of Doritos, Gerber biscuits and a container of Similac Advanced (great, since I'm planning to breastfeed!). But it kept him entertained, so I couldn't complain.

I thought it would be harder to register for a mystery baby than it actually was. I don't plan on registering for clothing, really, so that wasn't an issue and for items that came in boy/girl only colors, we just registered for both! I can go back and delete whatever doesn't apply if Little Beansies decides to come out at our next ultrasound.

We went out to Max & Ermas afterwards and had a yummy dinner, complete with free banana cream pie to enjoy later! And enjoy I did:)

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Ashley said...

Sounds like a great evening!