Saturday, December 13, 2008


Back in September, I posted a prayer request for my hubby who was having a little anxiety over his first graduate classes, new job, not having his text books, etc. Well, if any of you prayed for him, THANK YOU! He is officially finished with hs first two classes and although he doesn't know his final scores, he had a 100% in Community Relations and had missed 2 points in School Law going into the final term papers. I am so proud of him! His brave soul has me edit his papers before submitting them, which makes me feel like a smarty pants and makes him look like a genious (wink, wink) so it's a total win-win situation, right?! Actually, I barely change anything aside from a comma here and a hyphen there. He has developed into quite the talented writer! I really mean it when I say I am VERY proud of him. Can you tell? Last night he asked me "Do you know how liberated I feel to not have ANY work to do?" For a 27-year old high school principal who often feels in over his head and who is days away from having his first child, I can only imagine how relieving it must feel to have a little break.

Today we went Christmas Shopping/Labor Inducing. Here's the thing about walking around the mall at Christmas time in an attempt to get labor started-- it's darn exhausting! So if by chance it works, I'm going to be asleep before the nurses even get the monitors strapped on. It's really not that brilliant of an idea. Plus peole LOVE to comment on a pregnant woman shopping at the mall at Christmas. Everyone's got someting to say. I got one belly rub (although it was someone I know AND she asked... and belly rubs don't bother me anyway), a "When are you due?" conversation by a lingering pregnant Victoria's Secret salesperson (as if I wasn't feeling awkward enough 8 months pregnant in a store based upon sex and wearing as little clothing as possible... which is why I was looking at slippers!), a "You look like you're about to burst" from a man at a shoe store, and an "I was never that round when I was pregnant" by a passerby to her mother. At first I was insulted but then she went on to say "I was always droopier" and I felt a little better about my perky, round, massive, bursting, 8 month pregnnat belly:)

And I'll leave you with the following cuteness that took place this morning after climbing back into bed with Matt. (I usually last about 30 minutes in our bed before moving to the guestroom each night)

Me: (whispering) Hi, Weezie!

Matt: Hey, Feeze. Is Boomptzy here?

Me: Who, the dog? Give him a second.

Matt: (Reaching over to my belly) No, Little Beansie. Is she coming?

Me: Nope, she's sleeping.

Matt: Let's wake her up.

*I think someone's excited for his little girl to get here:)*

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Trisha.R.Jackson said...

I'm so stinking excited for you. Your last little exchange got me all teary eyed. Darn hormones :)