Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I feel like such a MOM today! I made my first call to my child's pediatrician:)

It was only to get her set up as a patient, but I've been really nervous for weeks about making this call, mostly because my doctor is also a pediatrician and I've been worried about hurting her feelings by not sticking with her, but as frustrated as I've been with my own care, I can't go through that with my baby. The doctor we chose comes highly recommended and is the doctor I really should have gone with for myself, but you live and learn:) And now he's no longer taking OB patients, so go figure.

One out that I have is that my current doctor's office (and to clarify, our current family physician is in the same office as my OB, who is also a family physician and a pediatrician... if this is making ANY sense) does not do vaccinations in the office. I would have to take LB to the Health Dpt. which isn't something I'd really care to do. We're splitting up her "cocktail" vaccines as much as possible, so I'm looking at extra trips as it is, so I need to think convenience wherever possible, which makes this doctor even more favorable. He goes to our church (we go to his?) and I feel very comfortable with him, even though we've never...actually... met him!

And I must say I am hugely impressed that someone answered the phone in the office at 12:30, whereas my current office closes from 12-2 every day. I call enough parents of sick kiddos at school to know that the pediatrician's office will become our second home at times, so accesibility is important.

So, Little Beansies, I hope you are happy with the choice Mommy and Daddy made. As soon as you make your entrance into this world, we'll all have a nice little party at the hospital:) How's tomorrow sound??

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Baby and Me said...

Glad you are going with someone you are more comfortable with. Bummer they dont do vaccines in the office.