Monday, December 1, 2008

12.1.08 part 2

The following conversation took place while laying on the couch together this afternoon. Somewhere in mid-sentence I chose to wiggle my model feet for Matt to behold and enjoy... because I have HOT feet right now.

Matt: JEEZ-us!

Me: And yet they are perfectly normal. (In reference to my doctor's professional observation this morning.)

Matt: If you're a... COW.

Me: Smack (a la Kate Gosselin). Matt. That was mean.

Matt: Well look at 'em!

So you wanna see??? Huh, huh? Wanna see what COW FEET look like at 35 weeks pregnant? Well, OK then. You asked for it.

My 35 week swelling puts my 32 week swelling to shame!

And yet... they are perfectly normal:) And if anyone tells me to watch my sodium, drink more water or elevate my feet, I will clobber you with my hooves:)


Hal & Jenn said...

I love the itty bitty screenplay~ I can totally see that smack *Kate Gosselin style* in my head =)

As for the feetsies... I like your polish!

Nine said...

I think your feet look adorable! I keep waiting for T to get to work on painting my hooves!

Yay for Beansies being up to over 5 lbs!!

Maria (MKC101103) said...

Do any of your shoes still fit or are you living in flip flops now? LOL.