Tuesday, December 23, 2008


We are home and life is gooooood! Lilly is a completely different person now that she is eating, isn't full of crazies in her blood and has POOPED! Matt and I were so proud of the poops:) We're officially parents.

Thank you for all the encouragement and kind words!! It's so fun sharing our little girl with everyone!


Parenthood For Me said...

I am an adoptive mom who struggled with IF for four years.
I recently started a not for profit, Parenthood for Me.org.
Our mission is to provide financial and emotional assistance to those starting families through adoption and medical intervention. Please visit my website:
http://www.parenthoodforme.org/ Pass the link on.
Thank you,
Erica Schlaefer

Christyn said...

Amen thank you Jesus!

Danielle said...

Katie, I'm so happy that Lilly is home!! And now you get to celebrate your baby's first Christmas! So exciting! Miss you and can't wait to meet Lilly!!:)

Fumbling Towards Adulthood said...

YAY LILLY! Good job with the poops, honey! :)

PS, you will probably receiving my Christmas package late (arg!) but at least you can extend the celebration with Lilly. It's like Christmas everyday now that she's home!

Our Life in Pixels said...

Its apparent you're a parent when every conversation you have w/ your hubby/wife seems to somehow end with poo. I laughed about this post because it seems that no matter how hard we try, we can't get around it :)