Thursday, December 4, 2008


Last night Matt and I were watching TV in bed (no, let me rephrase that-- Matt was watching men beat each other senselessly (UFC?), while I asked repeatedly, "Are you sure there isn't anything else on?") and LB was carrying on like a wiggle worm. Matt reached over to feel and after a minute or two said, "Why don't you go pick out a book and we'll read to Beansie?" I felt like a little kid, running to pick out the LONGEST book I could find in Beansies' collection of board books. Since most are only about 4 cardboard pages long, I took TWO and dove back into bed.

The first one was called "Welcome, Winter!" and has something to touch on each page-- fuzzy snowflakes, scratchy glittery wind gusts, fleece mittens and the coolest of all CRUNCHY SNOW! I don't know what it's made of, and I don't know if Matt and I were deprived of such cool entertainment as kids, but we couldn't keep our hands off of the feely things. Especially that crunchy snow!

The second book is probably going to become my all-time favorite Beansie book. One of Matt's teachers gave it to him and he came home and read it to the baby the same night. It's hilarious, but I cried through the whole thing. It doesn't get much sweeter than watching a Daddy read to his baby... especially when the story is called "Daddy's Girl". I have no idea where this book was found, but it's a New York Times Best Seller, so evidentally it's pretty popular! Check out the first 2 pages:

The prettiest legs I ever did see
Belong to a lady who belongs to me!

Lift up her legs and take off the diaper,
Get a damp cloth and carefully wipe her.

Up with the ankles, swish with a rag,
Throw away the diaper in the diaper bag.

Lay down a clean one, tape it shut,
Beautiful baby with a nice clean butt!

The book ends with a little bonus story about dancing together and the daddy telling his little girl to go out and experience the world, but every now and then don't forget about your old man.

Oh, baby, won't you dance with me?
Little Baby, bouncing on my knee,
Wave your hands and shake your feet.
Oooh, baby, you're so sweet.
Of all the babies you're the fattest one,
You big-leg woman are a load of fun.

Ahh, it is too, too funny. If you need a book for a gift or are expecting a little girl, you MUST buy this book! "Daddy's Girl" by Garrison Keillor


the d'angelo family said...

Thank you for your comment on my post. I have been "lurking" on your blog since coming upon it while hopping from blog to blog. I am very excited for Beansies arrival and can't wait to "meet" her (not like you're not ready either).

I had to giggle at your picture of your feet the other day. I wondered how you managed to find a picture of mine when I was pregnant with my Tony. Hee Hee!

Your story of your husband reading that book to LB brought tears to my eyes.

You're in my thoughts and I will continue to pray for a smooth last few weeks of your pregnancy. She'll be here before you know it!

Baby and Me said...

nothing is better than a nice clean butt! that is so cute!

Bryna said...

I will have to buy that for my husband. Granted he doesn't change diapers anymore now that she has "real poop" (his words).


Newt said...

Oh, that's so sweet! If we were having a girl, I'd run right out and get it.

Maybe next time :)