Monday, December 8, 2008


Hope you all had a great weekend! My mom was here for the weekend, which was a nice distraction from the 24/7 baby thoughts that take over one's mind when there's nothing else going on. My days revolved around keeping this baby in for 3 weeks and now it's all about keeping my blood pressure down and getting the baby out! It was a nice weekend though.

This week I start twice weekly NSTs and twice weekly appts. with my doctor. I've been on the blood pressure medication for 5 days, so we'll see how it's working. I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I'm relieved that it (hopefully) has fixed the problem for the time being, but on the other hand, I am not a medication kind of girl and would much prefer going straight to the source of the problem and fixing it that way-- yes, I want induced. On Friday my doctor told me that if 2 doses a day don't seem to be working by today, we can always up it to 4 a day. No way. And I don't want to wait until 38.5 weeks.

I don't feel healthy, I don't feel that I'm doing a service to my baby keeping her inside of me past 37 weeks and I don't want to medicate the problem when it could potentially mean going straight to a c-section when the big moment arrives-- and if my BP continues to be a problem for 3 more weeks, I worry that it would just continue to get worse. Of course I could be wrong and as a mom-to-be, it's my job to worry. I'm just wearing thin and want my baby here safe, healthy and in my arms. Like I said, go straight to the sourece-- she's a great, healthy weight and by 37 weeks she should be up to at least 7 lbs! I know there's more involved with lung development, but I feel the benefits will outweigh anything else.



Well, my BP was still high so she wanted to up the dosage to 3x day, and possibly 4x day if that doesn't work. I voiced my concerns about medicating my BP problem and how I'm not completely comfortable with medicating something past the point of it being necessary (ie: full term). I made sure she felt in control as the doctor and stressed that I will do what she feels is best, medically, but that I am a little concerned.

She pretty much agreed and said there's debate whether full term is 37 or 38 weeks and the "higher up" who she talked to last week recommended inducing at 38.5 weeks. She said she felt 38 would be better... which made me really happy... until I looked at the calendar after my appt and saw that would be Christmas day! I doubt she'll do it before 38 weeks, so it'll probably still end up being more like 38.5 unless I can sugar her up;) I'd really like to have her here before Christmas since Matt will be off work for Xmas break... but obviously that's not a very good reason in a doctor's eyes.

We'll see. NST was great and my 24 hr urine came back with no protein, so still no pre-e, phew! I'll do another one this Thursday with more bloodwork, just to keep on top of it. You'd think my doctor would be tired of me and just want me delivered and done:)

During my NST my mom asked, with a laugh, if I was ready to start thinking about our next one (meaning our next child). The thought of being pregnant again couldn't be farther from my mind. I just couldn't even imagine. It wasn't easy getting pregnant, it wasn't the easiest staying pregnant, and save for about weeks 15-25, it hasn't been a smooth ride on the pregnancy train. I'd carry this little blessing for another 9 months if that's what she needed, but another one? Not at this time.


Lisa said...

hmmm the 24th has a nice ring to it! And Auntie Lisa has always loved the name Noelle for a middle name...just sayin' :)

Fumbling Towards Adulthood said...

OMG! I want to punch your doctor in the face right now. MommaFif (who has been through pre-e hell before) and I are both sending all of the love and prayers and concern in the world over to your house! I wish there was something I could do to make it all better, love! :(