Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I wonder what your nesting tasks say about you as a person. Perhaps if I wasn't so swollen and incapacitated I would be able to nest a little more, but as of today, it's been pretty limited. Juggling the blood pressure and the Lincoln Log legs does not a tidy housekeeper make. (That is where husbands come into play! More on that in a minute.)

So here are the nesting projects I have completed:

Shop online
Wrap presents
Ship presents
Buy 2 cases of toilet paper
Clean bathrooms
Buy grocery staples
Eat all the grocery staples
Read about weeks 36-40, Labor & Delivery, and the first week of baby's life

As you can see, it's a good thing I'm not single. Poor/Valiant/Amazing Matt, however, has been a nesting maniac! And might I add that these chores were self-started. I had nothing to do with any of these crazy ideas.

Set up Pack 'n Play
Practice strapping baby into carseat
Practice snapping seat in/out of base
Force wife to practice carseating
Figure out how to use a diaper
Straighten crooked furniture
Grocery shopping
Sweep entire house
Wash sheets
Get Diaper Champ ready
Stock up on frozen food items (and keep them a secret so wife won't eat them all)
Re-de-clutter all the crap that wife has since accumulated
Install batteries in baby papason
Set up baby monitors
Buy distilled water for vaporizer because wife NEEDED it right away
Wonder why, 4 days later, distilled water is still sitting next to vaporizer, unopened, but never mention a word about it
Help wife put underwear on while she cries that she's too swollen to bend
Say nice things like "It's OK, this is all part of being pregnant" instead of laughing at the sight of his swollen, pregnant, crippled wife hunched over the bed underwearless and sobbing

Clearly this man is much better suited for pregnancy than me. If only we could trade places next time. I am beyond thankful for what he does for our little family:)


Anonymous said...

Wow, Katie, Matt deserves a medal. As I think back to when we brought Katie home from the hospital and Jim had a broken toe and went to bed and I cleaned the house because my Mom was coming, I am truly envious. Jim has redeemed himself in the almost 26 years since, but I had my doubts that day.
You are still looking beautiful and I know LB will have that wonderful smile.

Priscilla said...

Ha... I am swelling up and I am only 33 weeks. I can barely get my socks on. And you just get so frustrated because you cant bend down and pick up something you just dropped. Or you have really bad back pain and barely can walk after just vacuuming. Then you just want to cry and cry some more. I hate being so disable.

Baby and Me said...

HA! I ate all my staple food I bought too. I need to buy a bulk thing of cereal and hide it so I have it when she gets here.

Our Life in Pixels said...

You are blessed! God knew who we needed while we were prego! I love the way you write, it so commical! At least you are having fun and can look back years from now and show this little girly how much her daddy loves her mommy :)

ellen said...

hehehe katie, I am an avid reader of your blog and you are so funny!!!! I am 23 weeks and getting that emotional rollercoaster feeling...I had to laugh about the underwear episode! I am sure it wasn't funny at the time, but it did make me laugh...here's hoping little Beansies comes out soon!
Merry Christmas!