Sunday, December 14, 2008


Yesterday Matt and I were shopping at a Christian bookstore and as we got back into the car he mentioned that he was looking at a Top Christian Names book and our mystery name, both first and middle, were listed. He told me their meanings and gave me his rationalization for why we should name her this (which was funny considering he's the one who has needed a little more convincing all along).

We have a tradition of filling stockings for each other, but on top of that we alternate years filling a second stocking for the other person. We got a little off last year since we spent Christmas in Lake Tahoe, so last night while wrapping presents, Matt tells me "I think instead of one of us filling the stocking for the other, we should fill it for _____ together."

I looked at him like "So she has a name?" and he just smiled. So our little girl has a name. An official name:) And thank the Lord she'll be here in 12 days of less because I am a big, fat, miserable mess!!! Check back later for an update on THAT! Pictures will be involved.

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the d'angelo family said...

How sweet...Oh, and the suspense is KILLING me! Hope you're doing well!