Thursday, December 11, 2008


I'm changing my name to Geri. As in geriatric... my week now revolves around doctors appointments, urine specimens and bloodwork. All for my kiddo;)

Everything was fairly decent today. My NST stretched out a little longer bc it wasn't picking up full accelerations, so they didnt count, but we got it straightened out. Then the alarm kept going off every 5 mins after it would take my BP because it was up/down/up/down, but what's new there?! In the end, I was good to go. And I had my 2 favorite nurses who actually giggled when they told me their names because at this point, let's be real. We're like family according to the one who taught our child birth class. And I'm appreciative of that comment because personally I feel like that crazy freak woman who can't stay out of the ER because she's addicted. But I digress.

On to my OB appt (seriously, all of this took 3 hours. It's a good thing I'm off work, eh?) where my BP was back up and my doctor informed me that I need another u/s (making this #6... and I wondered if I would get more than 1. P'shaw.) because the one on Dec. 1st showed high fluid. Now, wouldn't you think she would have brought that up sometime in the last 6 visits?! I asked her what that meant, and in true sketchy doctor fashion she just said "let's see what tomorrow's u/s shows and go from there." When I brought up that 38 weeks will be Xmas day (the day she wants to induce) she laughed and said maybe we could do it earlier if there's a medical reason and to see what the u/s shows.

Hopefully the u/s shows a little girl waving a sign that says "Ready!" That way Daddy will be home for 2 whole weeks on Christmas break! What a bonus that would be!

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