Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Another day, another trip to Labor & Delivery.

Because of my skyrocketing blood pressure and my fear of being an annoying patient, I've taken to checking my blood pressure at those pharmacy BP stations. Yeah, those gross things. But it's much quicker than going to the doctor and does the job:)

Well, today it told me my BP was 160/102-- the highest I've ever seen it. I was worried when it was 142/118. My OB's office closes at noon on Wednesdays and thankfully it was only 11:30. The office is literally 2 minutes from CVS so I called and asked if I could stop in for a check. By the time I got there it was 180/108! After lying down, as usual, it went back down to what's becoming "normal" for me-- somewhere around 145/90, which is really not a healthy BP. Before all this started I was usually about 120/70.

Anyway, my doctor sent me to L&D for bloodwork, another urine test, and an NST. All looked good, and some levels were even a little low, which is a huge relief. Had some contractions during the NST, but nothing that meant anything. Baby looked perfect:) And I'm now 70% effaced.

I have a follow-up appt. Friday and although the nurses tossed out the idea of induction, that is probably the last thing my doctor would bring up. I may have to throw out how HORRIFIED the nurses were at my swelling that goes "clear up to your knees!" You know, the swelling that is "perfectly normal". I had two of them examining both legs at the same time. All Dr. Notworthadarnthing has done is poke me once or twice and that was only to appease me because Matt was giving her the evil eye.

So... stay tuned! I think LB is getting tired of being called Beansies and wants everyone to know her REAL name;)


Hal & Jenn said...

I'm tuned in! Can't wait to finally find out LB's real name =)

Katie said...

I also can't wait to find out her name. I'm working on a hat for LB. I will let you know when it's finished :)

Our Life in Pixels said...

LOVE the name of the doctor!! I felt sometimes that my doctor didn't know me. Every visit 53 weeks+ was like, "So, you wanna be induced?" And I was like, "Um, yeah we talked about this only 6 days ago!" :)

I can't wait to find out her name too! We kept it from people and they didn't handle that too well. They knew the sex of her, but not the name: Kaitlyn Elizabeth.