Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Another good night here last night! And my little angel pooped... a real poop! Now I know for sure that that the regular formula was the culprit of all the agony. Before, what we were finding in her diaper was just plain scary!

And to answer your question, Nine, yes the Paxil was prescribed. I don't really know much about anti-depressants and did zero research (who has time for that?), so I just went with what she recommended. She wrote the Rx for 3 months, so maybe that's all she's thinking it will take. Any time you need anything, you let me know!

And that goes for all of you girlies who read this and have commented about PPD. I'm no expert and all I can do is share my experience with you, but I'm always here:)

Please pray that tonight we continue to see improvement with Sweet Lilly (we're hoping her nighttime alter ego, Devil Lilly, has left town for good.)


Danielle said...

Katie, I'm so glad that things are looking up. It's great that you're taking action to feel better and that Lilly has had two good nights in a row!! I agree with Lilly, I only drink soymilk too!:)

Our Life in Pixels said...

Its SO hard as a mom to know what is really going on w/ our children at any given moment. Its like telling the breeze where to blow or something. They have gone through a traumatic thing (birth) and we expect them to adapt to their surroundings and eat food when they've been just chilling and floating around for 40 weeks.

I'm so happy that she is doing better for you and now you can start to think straight! Go Rx!
May God give you the strength you need on a daily basis! :~)

Bryna said...

First, Prettiest announcement ever! I love that you made and appearance on it!

Second, good luck with your PPD. I didn't have it bad enough to have meds, but I felt some of it. Everyone talked about 'how great' you feel once you see your little one. I never had that feeling... at least, it didn't come until she was probably a month old. I definitely thought, "what's wrong with me! I should feel this!" But I hung in there and it eventually went away. Hopefully, Paxil will push you in the right direction so you can enjoy the poopy diapers! :)

Lauren said...

Glad to hear things are going better! Hopefully Devil Lily is gone for good.

My doctor just put me on Zoloft today for pre-partum depression. Like you, I just went with what she said. I'm doing my research on it now!

Hope you have a great day!

Trisha.R.Jackson said...

Katie - I think I'm struggling with PPD. I'm currently on Zoloft but a low dose from my battle with anxiety/depression pre-pregnancy. I just want to reach out to you to see if you could shed some light on it for me. It's awful :(.