Tuesday, January 20, 2009



Miss Lilly turned one month old yesterday and I'm already a slacker mom with the 1-month photo. Although, truth be told, I had her bathed, coiffed and all decked out in an adorable outfit from her Auntie Lisa and then she proceeded to barf all over it before I had taken the picture. Babies;) I might get back around to it this week.

Today I have to venture out to the doctor with Beansies-- something I have severe anxiety over, but I know I need to get over my fear eventually. This appt. is for myself though and I worry about her getting fussy (although with Lilly it's either calm or frantic-- not much in-between "fussiness") and not being allowed to bring her with me anymore. Are there rules about that? Like at the salon? Thankfully this is the doctor who delivered her, so I could always blame it on the fact that she almost dropped Lilly upon entering the world... and throw in that she almost offed me along the way as well:)

Well, after a long night of the sweet pea being wide awake, gassy and crying, she is conked out napping in her carseat, ready to go. I just hope when I have to get her buckled in and put those little arms through the teeny straps all hell doesn't break lose. And for the record, I have never witnessed such loud and stinky farts coming from such a tiny little thing. We've got some major blackmail video footage to use against her someday!

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