Friday, January 16, 2009


This post is dedicated to the beautifully talented Katie at The Happy Hours who also has a craft and knitting blog, Katie's Crafts that I highly recommend you check out. She can even spin and dye her own yarn, making her creations that much more amazing. Also, word on the street is that Katie is going to start selling her work on etsy, so stay tuned for more on that!

And now for Lilly and her adorable sweet pea hat! The lighting in our house wasn't that great and photographing babies is harder than I thought, so unfortunately these aren't the greatest pictures:( Next time Lilly gets professional photos taken, I'm going to be sure to get some with this hat!


Katie said...

OMG she looks so cute! Although not all that pleased in the last picture. Thank you again for your kind words. Baby hats are so fun!

Bryna said...

I love the last one where she is saying "Mom, where did you go! I can't find you with this hat on!!!"

Patty Wood said...

What a precious baby. She is headed for a modeling career. The hat looks so cute on her cute little head.

Elizabeth said...

ohh my gosh that hat is so sweet!!
She looks absolutely adorable! :)
My Sister-in-law made us a blanket for our lil' boy (born Nov 5th) it's just so cute! I love hand-made things, great job to Katie!

Jenn said...

I love it and I'm going to have to enlist Katie!