Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Lilly had her 1 month check up today! A medical student from OU was with Dr. A today, which made for a very informative appointment. He explained things to her and questioned her on a few others, giving me a nice little lesson in femoral arteries, reflexes, neuroblastomas, thrush and all kinds of other little goodies that explain what he's always doing during all that poking and prodding. (So far, Lilly is like her Momma- she's been to the doctor every week of her life! Embarrassing for Mom, necessary for Baby.)

Here's where Little Beansies stands:

She went from being in the 5th percentile for height/weight and below the 5th for head measurement (I was convinced this meant she had a small brain) to the 50th perecentile! 9lbs 2oz, 20.75 inches long, 14 inch noggin.

She has outgrown the Babinski foot reflex (where the spread their toes when you stroke the sole of their foot).

She has a prescription for Levsin drops, an antispasmodic drug that should calm her bowels at night time and eliminate her colicky episodes. She was doing really well, but is still having a lot of rough nights. Dr. A believes she's dealing with gastro-colic reflex and this should really help her get through the tough nights. He used it with all 3 of his kids and she can take it every night, so even though it seems extreme, I feel OK giving it a try.

She also has a prescription for Zantac to help with the Reflux, but we're going to hold off on filling it until we see how she does with the Levsin drops. She has gained a very good amount of weight (yay!!) so I'm not overly concerned with the Reflux, unless it's causing her pain.

She goes back in 2 weeks and then 2 weeks later it will be time to start the vaccinations! Dr. A calls it her "uh oh" appointment, but after holding her through a dozen blood draws for the jaundice where they'd stick her heel and then squeeze and scrape the blood into a vial over and over and over for about 5 minutes straight, the shots should be a piece of cake. It's the side effects I'm worried about! Poor Lilly.

Great appointment! I can't wait to see if the Levsin works tonight... if so, this will be a Godsend!


Elizabeth said...

I'm glad she's doing great :)
I didn't know they had things like that for fussy babies. Our lil' guy (little over 2 months old now) spits up constantly! He's pretty fussy during the day too, but seems to sleep good at night. I wonder if something like that would help him?? He wears a bib practically 24/7 b/c he spits up so much!

We're holding off on the shot route w/him right now b/c of recently learning about ingredients/side effects of them from his pediatrician who's more into natural things. We want to be educated either way before we decide, yanno?

God bless u guys!! Lilly is so gorgeous! :)

Bryna said...

With the shots for Nola, we decided to spread it out. That way she has more time for her body to "get over" them as well as if she had an allergic reaction, it's easier to narrow it down to which one it was.

That's just what we did. And I didn't give the flu shot - against my in-laws EXTREME opposition.

Trisha.R.Jackson said...

Yeah for Lilly! She's doing a great job growing for you :)