Sunday, January 25, 2009


Lilly is officially five weeks old now. When we first came home from the hospital and realized what a challenge a newborn would be, I kept telling myself to just get through the first six weeks and we'd be able to breathe a little easier from there on out. It seemed like an eternity away, with every sleepless night, projectile reflux episode and torturous bath time, but now look... in less than one week our little Lilly will be a six-week old!

Our days have become so much more fun. Lilly now watches me when I talk to her, follows my face when I move from side to side, gazes at pictures on the wall (her favorites are two black and white framed photos taken by Molly, who took our outdoor maternity pictures-- she lifts her head all the way off my shoulder and looks up with her cute little nose pointed to the ceiling and just stares for minutes on end), and loves to listen to me sing to her. Despite my bank of zillions of preschool songs, I find myself resorting to old sorority songs as they seem to be the only ones that come to mind when I need to come up with something fast. When it's not sorority songs, it's made-up jingles about her big feet or anything involving Willy, Billy, Silly, Frilly... or anything else rhyming with Lilly!

Every morning after her first bottle (usually around 8:00), we lay down on the floor and practice kicking and stretching. Lilly stares up at the lights on the ceiling fan or whatever else she can see. Once she starts to fuss, I roll her over for some tummy time, which I am so happy she has come to enjoy! She can usually last about 10 minutes before she's ready to be picked up again. She is getting so strong and can hold her head up and switch it from side to side. I find it funny how mesmerized she is by the television. Usually I'll prop her up in my lap after tummy time and she'll stare at whatever is on TV-- usually something totally inappropriate, like the Real World or The Hills.

She now sleeps in her crib at night, which both shocked and relieved me. I didn't think she would adjust so easily, but Grandma laid her down for a nap in the crib one moring while I was getting my hair done and since then, it's been a breeze! She sleeps propped on her side, but usually wiggles around so much that by the end of her nap she's on her back. She doesn't like starting out on her back because of the reflux, but evidentally it's not a problem if it happens while shes asleep. She loves her Sleep Sheep, which her Aunt Suzanne found-- thank you, Aunt Suzanne!! It's a little stuffed sheep that attaches to her crib and plays different sounds. She prefers Spring Rain:)

I have finally gotten to a point where I could see us doing this again. I am starting to have a lot of fun with my little girl. It makes such a difference being able to interact, even the slightest bit. I am excited about the weeks and months to come as I know it will only get better. The next milestone I've got my eye on is three months. Until then, I look forward to watching Lilly grow day to day as she teaches me what it means to be a mommy.

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Our Life in Pixels said...

So happy that things are turning around for you. You have accomplished SO much in these 5 weeks. Did you EVER think you could live on little sleep, food, showers, coffee?? Having the first child just brings us back to the knowledge that we need God in ALL things. Even just being able to pray that she will sleep long enough to get a 5 minute shower in ALONE!! He gives us strength that we didn't think we'd ever have. Even the fact that you said you could do this again, that is amazing! You've done so good and keep up the good work! Our daughters will grow up to be like us, so let's give them something to strive for :) God bless your week!