Saturday, January 3, 2009


Dear Lilly,
Today you are just over 2 weeks old. The beginning of your life with Mommy and Daddy has been a roller coaster, but the ups more than outweigh the downs, that is for sure. Grandma left today to go visit your cousin Owen, who was born on the very same day as you! You two will always be able to share your special day:) We all miss Grandma very much-- even Midas curled up in the corner of the living room and nestled his head in her shoes as she was packing up to leave. Mommy and Grandma cried lots of tears, but she promised she would be back as soon as she could!

Lilly, there is so much I am looking forward to in the coming months. Your first year is going to be full of so many changes... so much excitement. The past couple days I've found myself daydreaming about Daddy and I taking you to Mystic, CT where we took a trip almost one year ago. It was so much fun walking around and poking in the little shops, eating seafood on the water and driving to the adorable little surrounding towns. I think it would be the perfect little trip for our family once you get a little older. I can just picture you in your bright green stroller, taking it all in:)

You've given me two smiles over the last week and both times my heart just melted! Everyone else says "Oh, she does that for me all the time!" but I can't believe that you could have given them smiles as beautiful as the ones I saw. I cannot wait until those smiles become more frequent. Often Mommy feels like she doesn't know how to make you happy because I don't always know what is upsetting you. But seeing you smile is like having a heavy weight lifted off my chest. It makes me feel like you really are happy inside and all the fussing and sticking out your bottom lip is nothing... or maybe just gas:)

If I have to pick one moment to call my favorite, though, it would be one that happened this morning. As I was feeding you your 2nd daytime bottle, you were so alert! You were lying cradled in my left arm, looking around the room, sucking away while I observed you discovering. (You make the cutest noises when you eat-- you definitely enjoy every last drop! I love knowing that your belly is full!) And then you looked at me. You looked right into my eyes as I looked into yours. And just like movies and books say, our eyes locked! Your dark navy blue baby eyes stared right into mine as if we were looking inside each other souls saying "I am all yours!" We stayed that way for about 10 seconds. I didn't want it to end! That moment will be etched in my memory forever, Lilly. Thank you for giving that to me, sweet girl. You have completely stolen my heart!



Trisha.R.Jackson said...

I would have completely melted. It is the little things that will get you through the tough times. I'm so glad she made your day a little brighter.

Nine said...

What a beautiful post! Lilly is so lucky to have you as a mommy!