Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I only have a few minutes to update, but a few good things have happened in our household in the last 24 hours:)

1. Lilly went to the doctor yesterday and was diagnosed with having Colic. Her pedi also felt like her formula was the cause of a lot of her discomfort, so we switched to Similac Isomil, the soy-based formula. She also takes the Mylicon drops BEFORE eating.

2. Matt's mom came down to help for a couple days and did all of the night feedings last night. I went to bed at 10 and slept until 7:15 this morning! I got up several times to check on Jenny and Lilly, but barely even noticed. I was amazed by how quiet it was every time I came out to the living room!

3. All was actually so great that Lilly had two 3-hour stretches of sleep AND she took 2 bottles in a row TWICE! She must really love her new formula and the fact that her stomach doesn't become upset when she eats. That is such a relief to me.

4. I'm not so sure she really does have Colic, although that was just one night and I don't want to jump to the conclusion that she is cured and every night will be so smooth. But wouldn't that be great if it was the case?

5. I went to my doctor today and am now on Paxil to help me deal with everything. Even sitting in the waiting room, when I heard my doctor's voice I was already crying. I cry all day long, about everything and once I start it's all downhill from there. Most of the time I'm using Lilly's burp cloths to wipe my own face dry. I have no apetite. I have so much anxiety over having to do the littlest things for Lilly-- and then the next day it's no big deal-- but then the next day it's a huge challenge. Most of the time I just want to be left alone. I want to get away from everything. Dr. S said all of this is normal for a lot of women and given my never-ending string of problems during my pregnancy, labor, delivery, recovery and then Lilly's rough start with Jaundice and Colic/Digestive problems, it's no wonder I feel so overwhelmed. I'm really hopeful that the Paxil can help me see a little straighter and just feel happier. I so want to enjoy this time with my daughter and not feel so aggrivated or detached.

6. Even Midas is happier today! He's been playing like a maniac in the living room for the last hour and just seems back to his old self. Maybe he realizes that we do still love him and that stinky, noisey little thing we keep carrying around can actually quiet down from time to time afterall!


Newt said...

Oh, this is all such good news! I'm glad to hear things have turned a corner, Katie! I know it's always a roller coaster, but hopefully this one will get less precipitous in the months ahead.

Big hugs.

Lauren said...

Thank goodness for a good night's sleep! I'm glad you were finally able to get some rest.

Mylicon drops were an absolute lifesaver for me! My daughter ate like a piranah and always swallowed too much air. They helped out so much!

I hope that the Paxil is able to bring you some relief. I never experienced the post partum depression, but think I may be going through something somewhat similar right now. I'll be talking to my doctor on Thursday about it and hoping that I can get some relief.

Have a wonderful day! Give that baby tons of kisses from your internet friends!

Christyn said...

I am glad to hear that both of your doctor's appointments yielded answers and results. I have been thinking about you all ALOT these past few days (weeks and months, actually) and was especially praying for your doctor's appointments.
I had colic as a baby as well, and with that also came digestive problems. I actually stayed in the hospital for 3 weeks after I was born, and couldn't digest normal cow milk. Since this was long before the time of the "organic" hype, my parents had to drive 30 miles to a farm in Ohio to get the milk. The lady who owned the place insisted that my parents pet, speak to, and encourage the goat as she milked it in front of them. To this day I prefer goat's milk (and especially CHEESE!) over cow-based dairy.
Prayers your way, sister!

Michelle said...

I'm so glad both appointments went well! I hope things keep improving, you deserve some "calm time" after all you've been through the last couple of months!

Fumbling Towards Adulthood said...

Oh, HL. I have been praying for you. I knew that you were overwhelmed and stressed and exhausted, but I had no idea you were feeling so awful in general. If you want to talk about it, I am here. If you don't want to talk about it, I am still here. I love you and I really hope that the Paxil gives you the boost you need to start breathing a little easier!

And UGH on the colic -- I was a colic baby, too, and I cringe when my mom tells me stories of how horrible it was. (She has really great tips, so if Lilly ever experiences bouts down the road, let me know and I'll send 'em over!) Anyway, I'm just thinking, praying, and lovin' y'all from up here...I hope you can feel it!

Nine said...

A full night's sleep sounds wonderful and I'm glad she likes her new formula.

Did your OB prescribe the Paxil? I'm proud of you for being proactive and I'm sure I'll be coming to you for advice when Peanut arrives. I've had depression issues in the past and since being a new mom is completely wonderful, emotional, and overwhelming, I want to be as aware as you of how I'm feeling/coping. I appreciate you sharing.