Monday, January 26, 2009


Ho hum, I don't do anything but take care of the babe. And so... more pictures:)

(Unfortunately they are all pretty bad. It is SO hard to take a non-blurry picture of Lilly! Well, unless she's sleeping, I suppose. But what fun is that?)

Mary Jane socks... making chicken legs adorable, one baby at a time.

Our first walk!

A wave & a smile:) (Lisa, notice which blanket is tucked underneath the quilt?!)

My beautiful Lillers

Ohhhh, really!

All bundled up for her second walk


Patty Wood said...

Oh Katie, I love all the pictures. She is so beautiful. And you look great and it is so good to see your smile. Keep the pictures coming, blurry or not, they are beautiful

Joanne said...

you have a beautiful daughter! Enjoy!

Danielle said...

She's sooo cute!!! I can't wait to meet her! Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later:)

Jenn said...

You 2 girls are such cuties =)