Saturday, January 3, 2009


How I spent my New Year's Day

I woke up and started having stomach and abdominal pains around 7am. By 8am I was back in the bedroom, standing at the edge of the bed, flopped over in pain. Matt was still sleeping and I just stood there in a slump crying. I was so afraid something was wrong, but even more afraid of having something that would put me back in the yucky part of the hospital and away from Lilly.

Eventually I took a warm shower which helped slightly, so I moved to the bed with a heating pad a put a call into my doctor. I was told by the operator that she was not on call that day. I told her I'd talk to anyone. About an hour later my doctor called me back. (She's really earning bonus points these days!) She wasn't sure what the problem could be (OK, take away one bonus point) and suggested I go to the ER. I decided I'd wait it out and see if it got better.

Unfortunately we had family coming-- family who was supposed to come Christmas Eve, but we had to cancel that due to The Birth, so I really didn't want to cancel again. But I couldn't breathe, walk, laugh, or even move without excruciating pain. Our company came, I visited a little while, then went to bed where I cried in pain for a couple more hours.

By 5:30 I'd had it and decided I'd go to Urgent Care, which is in the ER of our hospital. Matt went with me. Thankfully we saw a really good doctor (I know, a good Urgent Care doctor? I never knew one existed.) who was extremely thorough. A shot of morphine & phenergan, a pelvic exam, a CAT scan, an IV of antibiotic and morphine and a few doses of take-home percocet later, my uterine infection and I made our way home, happily doped up.

More proof that my body does not take well to pregnancy. But thankfully this wasn't the stomach flu or something contagious that Matt or Lilly could get. If I felt that awful and helpless I can't imagine how a 2-week old would handle it:(

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Trisha.R.Jackson said...

Oh no!! I hope you're feeling better now. That's no way to spend New Year's. Lots of (hugs).