Wednesday, June 3, 2009


The following scene took place at my desk today.

Ring, ring.

Me: Hi, it's Katie!

Lilly's teacher: Two questions-- has Lilly been rolling over at home?

Me: Oh yeah... I didn't tell you?

Lilly's teacher: Oh good. She's rolling like crazy and we were hoping you had already seen her do it at home. We were going to tell you to come over and see!

Me: Well I appreciate that!

Lilly's teacher: And also, when I laid her down in her crib she started fussing and flipped herself over on her belly and fell asleep. Is that OK?

Me: WHAT?? Normally she rolls over in bed and freaks out. If she's happy, it's more than OK.

WOW. She is growing so fast.


The Platt Family said...

I am so excited for Lilly...they grow so fast. It is kinda sad. Miss you guys!

Trisha.R.Jackson said...

That's crazy!! Little show off now, huh? :)

Bead Up said...

all i can think of is that old school song: "shake your body, shake your body, shake your body for me!"