Monday, June 29, 2009


Teeth... that's the name of the game around here! Our days are full of rosey red cheeks, runny noses, a little fussing here and there, and gnawing at anything Lilly can fit into her mouth (and then some, like my knee).

She may not roll from belly to back... ever... and who knows when she'll sit, crawl, walk and say "Mom rocks!" but she'll have a mouth full of teeth, that's for sure.

Pink: Teeth already in
Aqua: Teeth broken through the gums
Purple: Teeth right below the gums

We're really banking on those purple ones being close behind. Otherwise, we're going to have a little Jack-O-Lantern on our hands!


The Schuetz Family said...

She'll be cute even without her two front teeth!

Alyssa mommy said...

That sounds so cute! Have you been using anything to help with pain while they come in?

Our Team said...

This is funny because Kaity has her bottom teeth and she is getting her lateral incisor (right one). She's gonna look like a vampire if she gets both teeth on either side of her front. She's been great through the teething though, not fussy really.