Monday, June 22, 2009


To answer Rebekah, that sounds about like Lilly. She never really seems hungry for solids, but we just give them to her anyway. We first tried about a week before she turned 5 months and she wasn't interested at all. We tried a couple weeks later once she started showing interest in what Matt and I were eating and she did much better. I also noticed that she did better at school than at home. I think it's because she sits at a table at school (like the one the babies sat in on Jon & Kate back in the day) and at home she sat in a bouncy seat. I think it was easier for her to sit upright and swallow. She doesn't like the Bumbo too much, so I bought that little feeding chair last weekend (for only 29 bucks at Buy Buy Baby!) and she does soooo much better. She used to gag a lot, but I don't think she's gagged at all in the chair.

She also takes about 28-30oz of formula. She's never really gone over 30oz and we didn't change that once she started solids. She gets the same amount of formula and an 11:00 meal (usually oatmeal) and a 5:30 meal (fruit or veggie).

I hope that helps! I think solids are really confusing. I was excited to start and then once I did I was like "oh crap, one more thing to fit into the day!" But it's getting a little easier now. We even moved into the Stage 2 foods yesterday-- the Apple, Strawberry, Banana blend. From what I understand the Stage 2's are pretty much the same as Stage 1's, only they mix fruits and the containers are bigger, yet cost less.


Rebekah said...

Thanks so much for your help! I feel like I get so much different information, it's very confusing... According to Baby 411, FF babies should be eating ~40 oz. a day by 5 months. There is NO way my DD could hold that much. 36 oz. is her max I think. I really appreciate your help and will keep at trying solids. =)

Trisha.R.Jackson said...

I've realized that solids and feeding D are like an art form vs a science. I stress when she doesn't get 2 meals in but I don't think she really cares. She's DEFINITELY interested in what we're eating though. I just started her on a breakfast food now too. Dr wants her on 3 meals a day by mos. We're doing an AM bottle (or nursing), breakfast food (oatmeal mixed with fruit), nap, bottle, lunch (rice mixed with veggie), bottle, late PM bottle, dinner (rice mixed with different veggie) and then nursing/bottle to sleep.

It does seem like a lot!