Monday, June 22, 2009


People always want to know about the onesies Lilly's wearing in the blog header pictures. They are actually just stickers that you stick onto whatever you want-- I put them on a plain white onesie so it's a consistent background. It's crazy to see that 1 month picture with her arms too short for the sleeves and gangly little legs hanging out!! The company is Picky Sticky and you can buy directly from their website or find her on etsy. I always have to share that when I bought mine, the wonderful owner of Picky Sticky had been bombarded with nestie orders and accidentally sent mine out without payment. When I receieved the stickers in the mail but my PayPal payment hadn't gone through yet, I emailed her to make sure she knew I had submitted my payment. She was soooo sweet and told me not to worry about it and asked me to spread the word instead. I'm all about taking my business to great people. It means a lot when a seller takes the time to respond to an inquiry... politely! So go buy your stickers!! They're only 10 bucks for a whole year! And there's even a "zero" in there. I think I ordered after Lilly was born though, so we don't have a picture of that one.

I do my blog headers on ScrapBlog . Just create an account, make 1 blank page (don't use one of their templates and only make a single page), click on the tabs to the left of the page to upload different backgrounds, photos, etc. When you're finished, first save the page and select that you want to publish it. That just means it's officially saved. Then go up to File and export as jpeg. I always save to My Photos. Then in blogger, go to customize and upload a file into your header box. You'll want to select "Shrink to Fit" also. That's it! I also just figured out that if you don't want an actual background, to the right of the page is a box that lets you select a plain color for your background, like my yellow.

And another little secret I recently discovered... if you want a different font or background color other than what blogger offers (like the aqua on this page), you can get more colors from here. Just type the code into the box on the customize fonts and colors page in blogger.


Ashley said...

Thank you! I got it figured out and it was fun, I'm sure I'll be changing that up everytime I get a chance!

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Thanks for the awesome, useful tips!

Bead Up said...

thanks so much for sharing! i have always wondered how you made the header. i think i may have found a new addiction in scrapblog!