Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Sweet Peas... check!
Avacado... half check!
Green Beans... check!
Squash... check!
Sweet Potatoes... no check!
Applesauce... check!
Pears... check!

Today we have peaches... and bananas are coming soon. Yesterday Lilly was given rice cereal by accident, but now she likes it, so we can check that off too. I doubt I'll feed it to her at home bc I don't think it really has any nutritional value and she really likes oatmeal, but it's fun to know that she has developed her own likes and dislikes.

The 2 days she had avacado her cheeks turned bright red, especially her left one. I was told that the one-cheek-redder-than-the-other rash can be a sign of teething though, and her next tooth appears to be coming in on that side, so maybe it's not an allergy after all. I mean, who would want to be allergic to avacado????? Yum!

Some foods we'll do fresh, like the avacado and bananas, but the rest I buy from the store. Gasp, yeah, I know! I feed my kid formula and I buy her food in jars (and she's not wearing a life jacket in some of her pictures and one time I took her to the store and never buckled her carseat harness. And sometimes I don't clean her toys when they fall on the floor. And I let our dog lick her face). But look, I don't have time or energy to cook for Matt and myself, let alone steam and proccess stuff for Lilly. It's a little more expensive this way, and I give major props to the mommies who can swing it, but I am beat and food is on the bottom of the list here at the k-tell house. Lilly did really like the Earth's Best organic pears, so maybe I'll try their sweet potatoes and see if she likes them any better than Gerber. She also tried Baby Mum-Mums and made some really awful faces, but had fun biting off pieces of surfboard-shaped-rice-foam and spitting them out like a puppy takes to a pile of newspaper! And it was fun to watch!

On a different note, here are some pictures from last weekend at my parents' house. Lilly really liked the boat! She wasn't a huge fan of the life jacket (although she did enjoy eating it) but tolerated it well enough. Matt and I sat back and laughed thinking about Lilly in a couple years begging Grandpa to let her drive the boat. He may have started something here!


Michelle said...

The pictures of Lily on the boat are adorable. I love that she was eating the lifejacket...that's something Riley would do too :)
I have grand plans of making baby food when we get into solids (only b/c I am that cheap) but realistically I will likely be right there with you buying the majority of it :) Because I'm like you, I can barely find the time to make food for myself let alone make babyfood!!

Wifezzilla said...

that is one cute fat baby! she's so adorable.

Bead Up said...


Bryna said...

Cute pix... especially the baby toes. Love 'em!