Thursday, June 25, 2009


Lilly has been very clingy lately, not wanting to be put down to play on her tummy, not even wanting to go in her beloved Jumperoo! She just wants to be held. And she is only eating about 20 oz a day, which is about 2 bottles less than normal. Her doctor told us as she eats more solids, she'll probably show less interest in formula, so we thought maybe that was what was going on.

Then tonight I pinned her down, lovingly, and lifted her top lip and discovered the king of all new teeth hangin' out! It's wide and flat and was totally NOT what I was expecting to see. And, friends, it's not in the middle. Nope, it's off to the left. And I've had my eye on a white spot off to the upper right... which means if they both come in together, she's going to be Mommy's Little Snaggletooth!

The good news is that with all 3 teeth, so far, she is only in the clingy/painful phase for a day or 2 and then she's happy again. Go ahead and hate me. One word-- Colic.


The Schuetz Family said...

Can't wait to see the teeth!

LeAnna said...

Poor little gal! She's been working triple time in the teething department. Good thing she's only cranky for a few days, or you'd be a wreck. ;)

Trisha.R.Jackson said...

I keep reading your posts hoping for some closure on what in the H D's problem is. I need to have some sense of why she's all of the sudden up every 3 hrs from 7p - 7a, doesn't nap and is hungrier than a full grown hippo.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me it's teeth coming in. Just so that I can have some excuse to hang on to.

I hate that word with a passion. UGH.

(((hugs))) to you.

Trisha.R.Jackson said...

BTW - Can't wait for you to snag a picture of that tooth! I think D is going to grow fangs first.