Thursday, July 24, 2008


Three words: Urinary Tract Infection

No darn wonder I've been peeing like a madwoman... kinda explains all the pain too. I just assumed it was all normal. Until I spent the 2nd half of my drive to work hunched over at the wheel this morning. I decided to use my first Free Call pass to the nurses at my OB's office, who informed me that it definitely sounded like a UTI, but that I'd need to go to Urgent Care because both my OB and my family physician (same office) are on vacation for 2 weeks.

Um, no? Turns out saying "no" can have it's advantages. They hooked me up with another OB in town who called me in a prescription and all was well:)

Now let's just hope this really is a UTI and not something like water behind the kidneys (the dangers of Googling while pregnant). I'll take my chances.


buckeyebabe99 said...

OH NO!! I hope you start to feel better. That really stinks. I'd be freaking out if my OB and Dr were BOTH off.

K-tell said...

no kidding! what are they DOING in there this whole time!?

Bryna said...

At least you know they are on vaca now and not on your "Labor Day".