Monday, July 21, 2008


Please help me choose a paint color for our master bathroom! We live in a condo, so it's not a huge place, which means I'd like to keep the colors minimal, and subtle. Although most of the house is still white/off white, I already have a robin's egg blue guest bath and a moss green laundry room, so that's enough pizzazz:)

Here are pics of our bedroom view into the bathroom, the feel for the room and the three colors I've narrowed it down to. Obviously I want it all to flow nicly. No matter what, I'll probably have a white shower curtain... clean & simple.

Whispering Pine, Soothing Aloe, Thunder Bay

View from the bedroom. Note the vanity/wood color

The wall opposite the bathroom


Lynda said...

my vote is whispering pine.

seems more versatile than the others. bedding can be switched out easy enough/accessories. the other two aren't as neutral.

i love your photo area!!! our bedroom walls are empty. EMPTEEEE! that's a great idea. i especially love that they are al b&w!!!

Baby and Me said...

I like whispering pine. It will go better with the bedroom. But I love soothing aloe as a color in general, but it may be too much with such calm bedroom wall color.

Bryna said...

See now I like the Thundering Pine. I'm picturing it with some nice chocolate brown towels and a Robin's Egg blue shower curtain. What do you think... nice, right? I think it would flow nicely from the BR.

Lynda said...

der, i'm dumb. you said BATHROOM not bedroom.

ha. then i change my vote, am i allowed?

i'd go for the aloe one.

i need to go get a new eyeglass prescription la la.

K-tell said...

Thanks, guys!!