Sunday, July 20, 2008


A random photo update of happenings in the C house...

15w4d belly!

Compared to 13 weeks, things appear to be moving upward. Does that mean girl???

The very messy beginning of a nursery

Matt suddenly discovers that his pregnancy symptoms have an official title-- couvade (I just asked if he remembered the word and he replied "yeah, crudite". God love him.)

Midas stealing a minute with what has become The Family Boppy.

This awesome sweatshirt arrived in a care package from my grandmother. The package also contained a 2 yr. old tin of assorted popcorns, a moo moo (I swear to God), rose petal soaps, and magazines from 1987 STILL IN THE SHRINKWRAP. We were a little speachless (Mostly because we couldn't stop belly laughing long enough to speak. Bless her heart.)


Kristin (kekis) said...

You look great!

As do your DH, puppy, nursery & the stylin' sweatshirt - haha!)

buckeyebabe99 said...

Awww!! I predict girl :). Very cute baby bump!

LOL at your grandmother. Bless her heart.

Lynda said...

2 year old popcorn?
nice shirt! ;-)

um, how flippin' cute are YOU?!?!

send some pregnancy vibes my way, k?

Baby and Me said...

ha! I love his shirt so funny. You look great!

Jennifer said...

Ditto Kekis~ You look great girl!