Thursday, July 17, 2008


Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law, Suzanne! She is busy growing my little nephew this year, which is no easy task. I just looked at all of her "big" ultrasound pictures from last week and that child is measuring way ahead! He's a big boy!!! I can't wait to meet him:)

I think Little Beansies knows the Olympics are about to start. He spent the day doing one heck of a gmynastics routine in utero. It is amazing to feel his wooshes, swooshes and flutters. Sometimes it feels like a little bumble bee... a buzzing feeling. I can't believe that is my child. Inside of me. Unreal.

Tomorrow I am scheduling at actual lunch break for myself. We've been so busy that I can't even remember if I've taken a lunch break yet this week. I love my job and I really love being busy. But since tomorrow is Friday, I'm forcing both Erica and myself to close our doors and leave the building. We set alarms on 3 different phones to make 100% sure that children get medication, snack, visits, you name it... and tomorrow I'm going to program an extra little treat into our phones:)