Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Dear Mother-In-Law,
Thank you for being supportive during this horrible time in my life. I know you aren't my birth mother, but it's heartwarming to know I have such a caring, sensitive, understanding and genuine support system in you. The way you called e-mailed, came to visit, checked up on us went on vacation the following week and never picked up a phone to see how we were doing was charming. Thank you for the postcard we recieved today. I'm so happy Key Largo is beautiful, but you're right, it is a shame that the water was too cold for snorkeling. Thankfully you've been able to enjoy the 80-degree weather. I know that can be time consuming, so perhaps we'll hear from you when you get home, once an entire month has passed since Matt gave you the worst news of our married life.
The Daughter Otherwise Known as "Dirt"

P.S. Sister-In-Law, since your mother tells you everything else, I'm sure you are aware of our devastation. Your call e-maile, offer to visit, checking in ignorance was equally charming.


Suz said...

I am glad I am not that sister in law! Sometimes people just don't get it.

Andrea said...

UGGGGGGGH. I am so sorry that the obliviousness/insensitivity hybrid continues. Like Suzanne said, sometimes people just don't get it. Any of it. :(

Lisa said...

I, of course, third everything Suzanne and Andrea said, however, I would like to add "stupid sluts" and please dont tell Matt I called his momma a slut, but you know what I mean :). Oh, and you should most definitely mail that letter!!!!!

K-tell said...

haha, don't worry, i won't. one time i called his sister a bitch (to him, not her) and i ended up in the guest room that night.

i still hold firm that she is one;)

thanks for the validation, guys! today i got some ridiculous chinese horoscope forward from her. 2nd communication attempt. freaking chinese horoscope? get a clue.