Sunday, February 10, 2008

2.10.08 part 2

Today is a two-post kind of day:)

Last Thursday night, after falling asleep around 9:00, I awoke to Matt nudging my shoulder saying "Weezie, you have a package!" I probably should've come back with something witty and crass, but I was so confused (and half asleep) that I just looked at the box he was holding a couple inches from my face and a wave of regret fell over me as I thought it was something baby-related that I had ordered the week before. I told him I would open it in the morning. Like a kid on Christmas morning, he was too excited to wait and begged me to open it right away so he could see what was inside.

I humored him and was sweetly surprised to find an adorabley packaged pink box full of gourmet baked goodies dipped, covered, and rolled in chocolate, frosting and SPRINKLES all wrapped in precious polka dots! My lovely sister-in-law knew exactly how to mend my broken heart... sugar!! She asked me to take some pictures so she could see for herself as she ordered them from Indianapolis alllll the way from her home in Virginia, so instead of sending the pictures to just her, I thought I'd share them with everyone! They're just too pretty not to! (Matt had already snatched a sugar cookie sandwich and the card is covering up yet another amazing creation involving what appears to be marshmallows and more chocolate. Yum!)

Thank you, Suzanne. You sweetened up my day and successfully added a good pound to each of my hips:) And I don't mind one bit. I love you!


Andrea said...

I love them! I would have absolutely no self-restraint with those. Yumtastic. :) PS, I love your initial thoughts re: "package." ;) And I am so glad that you had such an amazing weekend!

Suz said...

I am so glad you liked it!!!! It is so pretty!