Sunday, February 24, 2008


Red wine = good for implantation.

Friday night: red wine
Saturday night: red wine
Sunday afternoon: red wine

You know how your body supposedly craves what it needs? Just putting that out there!

We're making gyros tonight! I've never made them myself, but I love getting them at the fair. So tonight I get all the goodness of fair food without the disgusting unwashed hand germs:) And there's not a mullet in sight!

Sunday nights are always so depressing, which is something I did not have to deal with for the couple years that I spent working from home. I know that as soon as I see my classful of kiddos, my mood will change, but until then, this Sunday evening stretch stinks! Thankfully it's just a 4 day week for me, as I will be joining the retired population of our town at a quilting retreat at Camp Akita! When my neighbor first pressured me into joining the quilt guild so I could go to the retreat, I was dreading this thing. But now? I'm totally pumped! The quilt I am going to work on, and hopefully even finish (what else will there be to do for 3 days?!) looks like this:

Did I mention Vera and I are sharing bunk beds?! Ohhhh boy, busting out the sleeping bag:)

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Jennifer said...

I just have to tell you that I love the material for your new quilt!