Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Today I got to come home early thanks to daaa snow. Matt was also home (10, count 'em TEN snow days for him) and since we've both been home together SO much lately, I think we'd run out of things to talk about so while he played video games, I made myself be productive and work on a couple quilting projects. Ironically, they were both baby quilts, but the first one I started a long time ago, way before we were even TTC and the other one I had laying around to get started on and was tired of looking at it. So now they are both finished! Which means I can buy more stuff:) Old lady, what?!

My very first quilt:)

I wish this was big enough for me:)


tbonegrl said...

they are beautiful!

Lisa said...

oh Katie, they are the most beautiful quilts ever. I am def having you make me one....soooommmmeeee day!

K-tell said...

thanks, guys! they were lots of fun to make. and lisa, i can't wait to make you one:)