Friday, February 29, 2008


Happy Leap Day!

Yesterday during naptime, I noticed one of the squirrely twins, Gwen, was playing with a little giraffe she clepto'ed from the Manipulatives center. From across the room, I did the "snap and point" accompanied by a dramatically silent "NO", to which she just rolled over and ignored. I stood up and decided to step over Lena's cot instead of walking around the perimeter of the room and as my second foot came over the edge, it got caught and I completely biffed at the foot of Gwen's cot. She just looked at me, I think not knowing if I was trying to be funny or if I was really hurt, so she just mumbled something and handed over the giraffe.

Once my co-teacher came back and I re-enacted the spill, we laughed our silly heads off for a good 15 minutes:)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Mine officially started last night over 2 glasses of Merlot. I was asleep by 9:30.


Jennie! said...

Mmm, merlot. Mmm, sleep.

Andrea said...

That was an AWESOME story! Except the part about you biffing. :( But still! You make me laugh!

Have a fantabulous weekend o' knitting! I hope you're still doing okay - I'm still praying for you guys!