Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I cried at work today. I've done really well, but today I slipped into the infant childcare room to hold a baby, which is one my most favorite things to do when I have a spare minute, and got to talking to the 2 women in there about parents who don't have any interest in spending time with their children. I have a handful in my class and it just breaks my heart for the children and infuriates me with the parents at the same time. Why have kids if you're too busy/too important/not interested/don't want them in the first place? I would die for that.

But on the plus side, Big Bro is on again tonight, which I wasn't expecting! I thought I had to wait a whole week, but nooooooo!

Also, Matt and Midas chauffeured me to work today:) Matt was off AGAIN but I had no such luck. So he offerred and I accepted! And bless his heart, he got stuck on a hill right outside our neighborhood and had to walk home:( With the dog. And no leash. At 7am. On a snow day. Shoot, that kinda sounds like fun the more I think about it!


Andrea said...

You are going to be okay, HL, and it's okay to cry. Love you & hope that today was better. And that Midas and Matt finally got home. :)

Bryna said...

I haven't been over in a while and hope the rest of your week is better!

- Bryna