Monday, June 9, 2008

The party was great, seeing friends and family was wonderful and spending my birthday with everyone was the best! Matt picked out an ice cream cake that said "Congratulations" and had baby stuff all over it, which was adorably hilarious. He said it was between that and a soccer ball and he decided to go with what would tug at the heartstrings;)

Morning sickness is still in effect, but not as extreme as this time last week. The hunger seems to be calming down as well *gasp* But sure enough, just when I thought I was on the up and up, I got sick this morning. Twice. So Mom took me to McDonalds:) I think I love it here.

My baby dog got shaved today. He looks absolutely adorable, even though he looks nothing like a Golden Retriever. It's too hard to deal with him swimming every day when he has an extra 20 pounds of fur weighing him down. So he's happy. I'm happy. And my mom is overjoyed that he's not destroying her house with his insane shedding:)

I have exciting news that I'll share tomorrow. Oooooooooooo!!!


buckeyebabe99 said...

Yeah for morning sickness subsiding! When did it start? I'd like to start throwing up soon...

K-tell said...

I think around 5 or 6 weeks? It'll come! I still secretly like it a teensy bit. It's good reassurance:)

(Have I mentioned how incredibly happy I am for you?!?!)