Thursday, June 5, 2008


Two nights in a row now I have needed a midnight snack. I don't use the term "needed" loosely either. I don't mean I was a little hungry and thought a cherry pie sounded good or I woke up and was thirsty so I ate a bowl of cereal. I'm talking "OMG, it's only 12:00 and if I don't eat in the next 60 seconds I will throw up a toilet full of bile. And it better be crunchy and it better be a carbohydrate. Or a white pear. Or fresh pineapple."

That's what pregnancy hunger feels like. The sucky thing about having to eat 'round the clock is that eating becomes less enjoyable and more like work. In fact, I kind of hate eating right now. Everything is old and blah because I've eaten EV.ERY.THING. a couple dozen times already.

I'm a little worried that even after the morning sickness subsides (please God, let that happen sooner than later), I will forever associate hunger with this insane need to eat RIGHT AWAY. I can see myself a couple years from now. Looking slightly more plump, and still carrying my Vera Bradley lunch box full of snacks (and no lunch. because there's no room for the actual lunch once it's filled with a day's worth of snacks!

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Bryna said...

Don't worry it should end soon.