Thursday, June 19, 2008


Tomorrow is my interview/conference call with our new director and the superintendent of the academy. Part of me is nervous, but then the other part of me feels like if I don't get the job, I'll be just as happy because I love my job as it is!

And then I get confused as to what tomorrow's call technically is. My old and new director have referred to it as a conference call and an interview (but not until I started calling it an interview), but they talk like I already have the job.

I'm just going to be myself and speak to them like I normally would and if they still think I'm great for the job, fantastic! And if they don't, then I probably wouldn't be very happy with the position anyway. I'm just happy I get to do this over the phone. Regular interviews make me sooo nervous!

So, tomorrow at 11:30. Here goes nothin'!


Jennie! said...

I was going to wish you luck, but you don't need it! You'll be great!

Bryna said...

Good luck on the interview!

Andrea said...

The prayers have begun! I have so much faith in you, love. :) Remember to breathe and believe in yourself!