Sunday, June 1, 2008


Happy June!!

I survived a weekend with the in-laws, but welcomed their exit with open arms. By this morning, I was barely able to speak for fear of saying something snarky or uncalled for to my MIL. While making breakfast she came over and sat at the bar/counter and just stared at me. I could only take it for so long and then I finally commented on how beautiful it was outside and she should go enjoy the patio for a few minutes until breakfast was ready. AKA: GO AWAY!!! please?

It's been a lovely afternoon though... lots of lying around in the sun, reading, daydreaming about hypothetical vacations that Matt kindly reminded me we are finished taking for a little while...

Perhaps the best part of today is that I haven't felt one ounce of Sunday blahs... because I no longer have to "work" on Mondays! Or Tuesdays! Technically, I'll be working from home, writing, but I'm my own boss on those days and I'm actually very excited to dive into a couple dozen articles and make some money! I have 3 days in the nursery this week and then I'll be writing full time for the next 3 weeks!! I am thrilled:)

Doctor's appointment tomorrow to go over the ultrasound results. Our tech was so great that we probably already got the skinny, but I have a couple questions for my doctor (shortness of breath, tailbone pain from my snowboarding spill, not being able to even think about my prenatals without gagging). How nice that she's also a physician?

Have a fantastic week!!!!!!

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