Monday, June 30, 2008


We're baaaaaaaack! Back from all our travels, back to our home, back to a semi-regular routine. I say semi-regular because I am off today and tomorrow, work in the nursery Weds and Thurs, off for Friday and then Monday I begin my new job as the Assistant Director! So really my routine is about to get tossed around again in a matter of days.

I have been battling a craptastic cold that seems to have hit its worst today. I finally broken down and bought Sudafed yesterday after reading that it is safe to take while pregnant (thanks to "What to Expect When You're Expecting" which I cannot read without throwing up. Tried and true.) but it, unfortunately, does nothing to help. So even though I should be writing today, I'm getting nowhere with that. And I think knowing that my paychecks are going to start looking a little nicer in a couple weeks is contributing to my lack of desire to bust my butt writing $10 articles.

I hope you enjoy these photos from my month of fun! If I ever get re-motivated to write an entry about how much I hated NYC, I'll be sure to let you know:) But for now, a photo blog will do the trick! (And FINALLY, a couple belly pics are at the end!)

Kickin' things off with a hoot of a Girls Weekend with Molly and Lisa (and a little of Matt, too. Lucky guy.)

It was National Yoga Day and hundreds of people were doing yoga in the middle of Times Square. Of course half my NY pictures are now of strangers doing yoga.

Matt and his Dadster

A happy pregnant girl with a tummy full of Junior's cheesecake.

Ohhh, if only that were real:)

We ate lunch here and our Club sandwich, that we thankfully shared, cost $22 and was about 12 inches tall!

My handsome man

Right before the 6th inning, my father-in-law decided he was going to take a potty break. Little did he know Matt and I had put his name on the scoreboard for his birthday and it was coming up any minute. So his sister told him we were all going to go to the bathroom together (??) in the 7th inning. He was PIST!

Until he saw this (amongst the monsoon that began about 60 seconds before it showed up!)

Which led to this.

Thaaat's my mother-in-law

Yummy Frozen Hot Chocolate! Worth every penny.

Carriage ride through Central Park. Angelina Jolie rode in this same carriage a few weeks ago:)

A fake lime in Chelsea market. Can you guess which fruit Little Beansies was that week?!

Churchill Downs and Louisville Slugger

The most adorable yellow ducklings living in the pond next to our hotel

Christyn's wedding. Now, every bride looks beautiful on her wedding day, but THIS bride looked STUNNING. Right out of a bridal magazine, honestly. Congratulations, My Little!

Alwynn, Me, Amy

Matt always finds a way to entertain himself:)

12w5d belly pics. The first was last night and the second is today. I have a couple comparison shots from around 7 weeks, but they are pretty embarrasing and gross, so I can't bring myself to post them!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Katie,
Great post. I am so jealous that you got frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity. That is a dream of mine. Also congratulations on the promotion. What a great opportunity. It looks like you had a great tour of the Mid-west. And it looks like little Beansie has a glowing Mom. You look great.

Bryna said...

I'm sorry to hear that you didn't love NYC. I wish that you weren't run all over creation... maybe you wouldn't have hated it as much. :(

Serendipity III - YUM!

Lynda said...

you look awesome!

a few months ago i made my own frozen hot chocolate from a mix from serendipity that was brought to me like more than 5 years ago. i finally had a blender to make it and boy was it gooooooood!

Shanny said...

Aww, sorry you didn't like NY =(
You look really cute!

Fumbling Towards Adulthood said...

FIRST! YOU GOT THE JOB! CONGRATULATIONS, HELLY! I am so excited/happy/proud -- but not surprised. :) You're gonna rock their world!

Second, I teared up when I saw your belly pics. You look awesome, mama! I wish I could be there with you while you experience all of this stuff. I still can't believe that it's all happening sometimes! :)

Third, LOVELOVELOVE all the pics. And the classic Matt expressions. And your adorable dress. And the ducklings. And NYC (although Josh is gonna kill Matt for wearing Yankees apparel! ;)). Miss you!

buckeyebabe99 said...

You look adorable!! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait for the next 4 weeks to fly by so I can do the same :)

Jennifer said...

LOVED all the pictures! Hal & I went to NYC for the first time in December 2006 and we loved it. My best friend and I are planning a girls weekend in NYC for October this year and I'm SO excited. We went to Serendipity when we were there in 06 but she's never been there so it's on our to-do list fo sho. I'll have to post my Serendipity & frozen hot chocolate pictures one day. Hal managed to get me one of the massive menus. We didn't get to go on a carriage ride so we have to do that. Your post has me extra excited now!

You are beansie are so cute =) Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

Christyn said...

Biggie - What an honor to have you at our wedding - and for our event to be the debut of your beanie bump! Hooray! I loved seeing my little cameo in your very cool blog! I am so thrilled I can keep up with you this way :) Pi love!