Monday, June 16, 2008


What a super fun weekend with my girlies! We swam, we sunned, we ate and giggled... I served lots of alcohol that I could not drink. But it was so worth it to spend time with my good friends!

Life continues to be a lazy, lovely hodge podge of delight:) I wake up early and write, then I take a break to eat breakfast on the deck. Once I finish my work, we eat a little lunch, then head out on the boat where we float in the sun for a few hours until we're ready to come in for a break.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

I love summer:)

(I know I mentioned belly pics... I'm getting there. Last night's attempt was a big fat failure of darkness!)

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Andrea said...

"Lazy, lovely hodgepodge of delight." Just reading that makes me feel good! :) Sooo glad you are enjoying this time, love -- you deserve it!

And PS, BEBEBELLY PICS?! Oooooo! I'm excited!