Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Happy 5 month birthday, Lilly. You get to spend the day... sick!

Yesterday she threw up again, about 3 hours after eating. I was hoping it was because I gave her teething tablets and she kind of gagged (she has such a sensitive gag reflex!), which led to throwing up. I kind of knew it wasn't that though, just by the way it smelled and the way she threw up once, caught her breath and then threw up again.

At 5:00 this morning, she was moaning and stirring in her crib, so I picked her up to calm her back down. She fell right back asleep. I laid her down, climbed back in bed and heard choking a couple minutes later. Matt groaned and I said "That doesn't sound right" as I ran to her room. Sure enough, vomit everywhere. I stood her up in the crib and more came.

(I don't normally bad mouth my dear husband on my blog, but I just have to vent-- as you can probably tell I'm frustrated with him-- when I saw that she was sick I said out loud, LOUD enough for the monitor to pick it up, "Ohhhh, did you throw up again???" So who keeps snoring away? Yes, the same person who just moments ago was able to hear her coughing and groaned with annoyance. Oh yes, and WHO then woke up and hopped in the shower to get ready for work while I stood there with a dripping, vomitty baby? Yeah. We normally do not take Lilly out of her bedroom for any reason once she's down for bed, but this morning I was fired up. We marched to the bathroom and "kindly" (not so kindly) asked Daddy to hurry his butt up and lend us a hand as were in the middle of something big! Five minutes later, he came sauntering out to help me get the darn safety seal of the pedialyte while juggling a wobbly, sick baby. I swear the man shaved, plucked his ear hair, flexed his pecs and shook his booty in the mirror while we shlepped around in the kitchen, puke soaking further into the mattress by the second.

Feeling better... thank you for that moment.)

Dr. A says to give it 48 more hours.

There hasn't been a dull moment in this house since I was 31 weeks pregnant.

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