Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Scratch that, we now have 2 teeth:) Neighbors, side by side.

That, on top of Day 5 of Lilly's stomach bug and you can probably understand why I feel pretty bad for this little squirt. But she's a trooper and has smiled her way through most of it:)

Tomorrow I'm taking her to the doctor to make sure this bug isn't hurting her (lots of vomitting... out the nose, ack!) and she's not dehydrated. Her soft spot doesn't appear sunken so that is a good sign. And lots of wet diapers still.

Mommy also goes to the doctor tomorrow. I'm finally seeing the OB/Gyn who helped a little with my pregnancy. I'm anxious to find out why he thinks I'm still bleeding nearly 5 months after Lilly's birth, but at the same time I have a feeling he's going to order an ultrasound and D&C. Both make me uneasy. Watching an ultrasound with no baby in my belly will feel eery and dark... and having a D&C, a procedure that many women have done as a result of a miscarriage, will certainly not put me in a stable frame of mind.

That's just my guess. Maybe he has a different idea. MAYBE he'll tell me I need to get pregnant again!

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