Sunday, May 17, 2009


In a nutshell, Lilly is doing MUCH better. Thank you for your prayers!! We went to her pedi Friday afternoon and saw him and the new Nurse Practioner (who I LOVE). They felt that it was not a UTI because babies don't get UTI's unless they have a much bigger underlying problem, like a kidney issue. Unfortunately, this meant doing another catheter to get a good sample (the ER really did a crappy job, and I mean crappy literally, at getting an uncontaminated sample, despite trying twice), but Lil's bladder was empty, so it was for nothing.

They decided it was better to NOT have her take an antibiotic unless she spiked a temperature of at least 100 (btw, they said to add a degree if taking it under the armpit-- some say yes, some say no, but I thought I'd pass that along anyway) since antibiotics can cause diarrhea, which is exactly what we were trying to avoid! The diaper rash was already horrible enough and diarrhea is helacious on baby skin.

Dr. A was pretty irritated with the ER doctor's lousy diagnosis and prescription for an intense anti-fungal creme (overkill for diaper rash) and Amoxicillan, which is ineffective for UTI's in the first place. This guy was a cook and after talking to our neighbor who works at the hospital, we aren't the first to think so. She wants us to file a complaint to get help get rid of him. We're doing so gladly. (He kept numbing Lilly's gums with lidocaine and we never even said anything about her teething being a problem. She couldn't have cared less about her teeth. I wish I would've spoken up because I really wasn't comfortable with him doing it, but we were desperate for relief so I just let him.)

Anyway, she never spiked a fever and we've been working her back into her regular diet and she seems to be doing great. Her sleeping is another issue, but we'll work through that as she feels better. Matt's mom and dad are coming for a day this week and my mom is hopefully coming this weekend, so sleep (for mommy and daddy) is on the way!! Dr. A checked on her at church this morning, which reassured me that she is on the mend and we did the right thing by not giving her the antibiotic.

I have some cool, fun stuff to share tomorrow. But for now, I need to get the babe's "dinner" ready. I'm flying solo tonight and am scared to death of how things are going to go. It's been rough enough with Matt here, I can only pray that God will bless this girl (and me) with some sleepiness in about 2 hours!

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Jenn said...

I am super happy Miss Lilly is feeling better!!