Friday, May 15, 2009


If we could ever use some extra prayers, this is the time.

After Lilly got progressively worse over the course of yesterday I noticed her urine started to have a very foul odor. She'd been on Pedialyte for almost 24 hours, so when it first started I thought it was related to that. She was also urinating every few minutes (which I thought was a good thing since I was so worried about dehyrdating), however, bless her heart, she was also practically doing the same thing from her bottom. Everything was running straight through her.

I kept thinking if I could just get her through the day, she'd sleep well at night. Well, she was awake from 5pm to 4:30 am crying almost non-stop. Every time she'd stop long enough to fall asleep on one of us, we'd lay her down and the crying would start-- but not the usual fussy/don't put me down cry. This was a painful, at-her-wit's-end cry. Matt drove her around to calm her down, but as soon as they got home she was awake and crying. I even had her in the swing, in front of the television at midnight, which worked for about 15 minutes. And then the pain-cry came back. She'd been arching and writhing all day, unable to get comfortable in any position, until finally she'd just give up and lay limp in my arms staring in the distance. Finally it just dawned on me-- I bet she has a UTI!

We took her to the ER, which was a comedy of errors (minus the comedy), but after 2 catheters, they were able to confim that it is a UTI. She also has a terrible diaper rash as a result of all the diarrhea and non-stop urinating. Holding my baby girl's legs down so the nurse could insert the catheter was probably one of the worst moments of my mommy life. And they had to do it twice. But thankfully they were able to get a good sample and see that it was an infection. I was so relieved that help was on the way!

They had me give her the first dose of Amox. there and she spit most of it out, which made me feel terrible bc they wouldn't give her more. I'm waiting on the pharmacy to open so I can get her next dose in her, while somehow figuring out a way to get to my u/s (10:15), get her into her doctor (they close at noon), drop-off & pick-up prescriptions and let her get the sleep she needs.

Poor Matt got about 45 mins of sleep before getting up for work. His school had a second bomb threat yesterday (2 in one week, for pete's sake) so he absolutely couldn't take the day off. Instead, one of his teachers did! So she's coming to watch Lilly during my appt.

Please send Lilly happy, healing thoughts and prayers. My poor girl has been through the wringer in the last 24 hours. I can't believe she'll even let me near her after all this. It's hard being a parent and having to stay calm and collected while watching your child go through painful experiences. I'm already a little uneasy about today's ultrasound and the possible outcome requiring another hospital procedure and being back in the hospital with Lillian last night was just another reminder of the scary side of having a child.


Katie said...

Oh I will definitely keep you in my prayers. Poor Lilly, poor you, poor Matt. I wish I could give you all a big hug.

Ashley said...

I'll be thinking of little Lilly. I hope she starts to make a speedy recovery, you all need it.

LeAnna said...

Goodness, when it rains it pours! We'll be praying for all of you guys, for speedy recoveries, wise doctors, and some parental intervention with what sounds to be punk school kids!

Alyssa mommy said...

Poor Lily, hope she feels better soon!

Mary said...

Your family and your little one are in my prayers! I hope everything goes ok.


Bluebird said...

Oh honey I'm *so* sorry. Sending happy healing thoughts to your sweet little girl.

Our Life in Pixels said...

Sending prayers your way for your family as you go through this health trial. ~Sarah~