Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Update from my appointment with the neeeewwwww Dr. L!

He thinks I either still have remaining placenta in my uterus or I'm not fully shedding my lining properly. I have an u/s Friday to determine whether there are remaining "products of conception" still there. If so, I guess a D&C is next.

If not, he prescribed Provera to take at bedtime with each of my BCPs for the next month. I'll take 5mgs for the 1st week and 10mgs the 2nd and 3rd and that should help full shed the lining and get me back on track.

But here's the good stuff... he's in the same practice as my old OB, the one who delivered Lilly and is a bit cooky. They are in different buildings though, so I don't think they interact that much. When we went through my history I mentioned that Dr. S had consulted with him a few times and he said he remembered me from reading my chart and that he felt something was off about my care. He ALSO said he was alarmed to see that she never documented a single conversation they had about me. He seemed pretty ticked about that. (understandably)

I thought he was very thorough-- I mean he wrote down everything and wanted very specific information from me. (like how many hours between tampon changes... when I said "normal amount" he was like "I need an exact number." My old doc was ALL about generalizing and using the word "Normal")

He asked if Dr. S ever sent me for a pregnancy test to make sure I'm not pregnant... when I said "no" he seemed a little annoyed. So after my appt. I went to the hosp. for b/w.... a pregnancy test and an u/s all in the same week... it's almost exciting! But then again, it's really not!

He asked if we want more children and how soon and he said we could start TTC whenever we're ready, we don't have to wait. He did say that with Pre-e, it usually comes back with each pregnancy and the symptoms come on earlier and stronger. Thankfully he has lots of experience with Pre-e (he said my old doc did not... surprise!)

So I think it was a good switch. He's very informative, kind of all business (never even noticed Lilly was sitting right there), and overweight... so he can't say anything to me about my weight!!!

I'll leave you with this humorous bit. So I was all worried about taking Lilly with me and that was silly... the nurses loved her and she was a smiling machine. She was great.


Right, and I mean, right after I got undressed (pants only, so it was just a drape on my lap), I sat down on the crunchy paper and Lilly started making throw-up noises. She's been vomting for 3 days and I was so worried that she was going to throw up if I took her out in public. So I'm sitting there debating whether to get up, bare my booty towards the door and hope that the dr. didn't come a knocking (or that he would at least knock before entering), and willing her to not throw up. I honestly prayed "Please God, no barf. Please God, no barf." and of course... BARF! So I shimmied off the table and barely got that little drape around my waist, quickly found a burp cloth and kind of wiped her up and gave her the cloth to "play with" (aka: catch any more vomit).

She did not throw up again, but hiccuped the rest of the appt. I was so sure the hiccups would make her throw up again! Ay ya ya...

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Bead Up said...

Woah, girl. Sounds like you had a vomit-ish day. Hope tomorrow, and your future test results, are better!