Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Three teeth today!

Just kidding. Still just two. But I wouldn't be surprised if Lilly's dental duplex turns into a triplex soon!

She woke up this morning with a barely-damp diaper, less apetite, sleepier than usual and took 3 sucks of her second bottle and threw up everything from her first bottle. I always wondered how you can tell the difference between spit up and throw up (or reflux throw up vs. sick throw up) and now I know. Real throw up STINKS! And it is much thicker than spit up. The dog shows no preference. He licks it off the floor just as happily either way. Ack!

So after my appt. this morning we'll come home for a bottle and a nap and then we'll head off to her appt.

You know how people joke about new moms going out in public with dried spit up everywhere? My how true that is. Lilly threw up down both legs of my dark jeans this morning, but I was already showered and looking so put together, that I grabbed a handful of wipes, rubbed them around the mess and out the door I'll go! I figure I'll be in a gown before long anyway:) And I didn't even bother shaving this morning-- that's a first on a gynie day! At least I didn't try to clean my pants with mom spit. Yet.

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